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Language for artistic purposes: Translation of tondo into Spanish

6 pagesPublished: January 6, 2018


This paper studies the Spanish translations of the Italian word "tondo", that enters the Spanish language as a loan of the Italian architectural jargon. However, in Italian "tondo" is also used in the language of painting, as examined in the famous work of Miguel Angel Tondo Doni. The study of the term "tondo" exemplifies the methodology used in the interuniversity project Lessico dei Beni Culturali (LBC) of the Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Studi Multiculturali of the University of Florence, whose purpose is to create monolingual and bilingual related dictionaries through hypertextual links in order to help translators which have art as subject matter to understand them and to choose the appropriate terms in the target language according to the context and to the varied typologies of discourse of the tourist guides, Museum web pages or exhibition catalogues. For each word studied, a source file is written in Italian and in every project language (German, English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian) from both a diachronic and a synchronic perspective, on the basis of specialized texts and dictionaries. The two perspectives are necessary to understand the concepts underlying the denominations in the source language, which is generally characterized by a high degree of semantic variation.

Keyphrases: dictionaries, languages for artistic purposes, lexicography, terminology, Tourism

In: Alejandro Curado (editor). LSP in Multi-disciplinary contexts of Teaching and Research. Papers from the 16th International AELFE Conference, vol 3, pages 79--84

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