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Cybernetics in Human Care: Design of an Electromyographic Sensor for Bionic Prostheses

EasyChair Preprint no. 6279

7 pagesDate: August 11, 2021


The collection and processing of information is the starting point for the decision making of any system. For this reason, the design of an effective information management system is indispensable for the decision-making process. This paper presents the cybernetics applied in a bionic prosthesis printed in 3D with lactic polyacid, of 2 degrees of freedom, which uses electromyography as a system of information gathering to decide the movements of 2 servomotors, the first one installed in the elbow with a torque of 50 Kgf / cm and the second installed on the wrist with a torque of 25 kgf / cm. As a result, a sensor with low cost and high effectiveness in the capture of muscle signals was obtained, then a mapping was made between the different ranges to manipulate both engines.

Keyphrases: bionic, cybernetics, Electromyography, system

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