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Introduction to Smart System Studied

EasyChair Preprint no. 9685

39 pagesDate: February 8, 2023


Compared with the previous versions, the new version of the Guide to Integration of Wisdom has made a major change in perspective, that is, from the author's original perspective (the macro perspective of seven Chinese characters refined and summarized, and the micro perspective of three kinds of formal understanding models and twin Turing machines) to the perspective of students, teachers and students at all levels and readers of various schools (the perspective of ten departments of new universities in the near future and the perspective of cultural genetic engineering of eight systems for teaching,management, learning, and using). It aims to inherit the peaceful strategy of Chinese and foreign civilizations to achieve a win-win situation of three intelligences and double integration, and open up a theoretical way for the second great leap of human cognition.

Keyphrases: formal understanding models, human cognition, Integration of Wisdom, Smart System Studied, the second great leap, twin Turing machines

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