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Concept: "Artificial Intelligence as a Factor of Active Formation of "Digital Culture" in the Information Society": Discussion

EasyChair Preprint no. 5152

22 pagesDate: March 16, 2021


The relevance of a scientific topic is determined, first of all, by its great theoretical and practical significance. The concept: "Artificial intelligence as a factor in the active formation of "digital culture" in the information society " is of great scientific interest, because at the threshold of the third Millennium opened all its practicality and versatility for the very near future. Technological, legal-theoretical and socio-cultural aspects of the problem of artificial intelligence implementation in the sphere of traditional culture in General and "digital culture" in particular are closely intertwined and have created new challenges for modern legal science.  At the same time, we cannot ignore the problems of an ethical nature – the norms of "digital ethics". Objectively assessing objects "digital culture" with artificial intelligence, which is a powerful tool for creative expression and self-development, which in turn is manifested in their ability to form their own basic Outlook, a certain view of the world, their perception of "digital" art objects a man of the XXI century.  Therefore, the author considers it necessary to update the study of the abilities of objects of" digital culture " endowed with artificial intelligence to the processes of creative work, as well as to intensify broad discussions about the interpretation of the results of this creativity, especially in the framework of information law, as well as in the context of ethical standards, and this directly concerns the security of the future of mankind.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence, concept, Cultural object, digital culture, digital ethics, information society, policy, right, state, subject of law, The Internet, Virtual Reality

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