Anytime and Efficient Coalition Formation with Spatial and Temporal Constraints

EasyChair Preprint no. 3054, version history

VersionDatePagesVersion notes
1March 26, 202017
2April 2, 202017

Fixed an ambiguous notation.

3April 15, 202017

Renamed CFLA^+ to CFLA2 to avoid confusion with Amador's CFLA^+ (

4July 23, 202018

Small addition, plus some typos fixed.

5August 14, 202018

Improved introduction and background sections.

Keyphrases: Agent Allocation, anytime, autonomous agent, cfla algorithm, cluster based coalition formation, coalition formation, efficient, Max-Sum, multi-agent system, multi-robot system, multiagent system, RoboCup Rescue Simulation, spatial and temporal constraints, task allocation, temporal constraint, XD [ST-MR-TA]

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