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SMT-LIB Sequences and Regular Expressions

11 pagesPublished: August 19, 2013


Strings are ubiquitous in software. Tools for specification,
verification and test-case generation of software rely in various degrees on
representing and reasoning about strings. Reasoning about strings is
particularly important in several security critical applications, such as
web sanitizers. Besides a basic representation of strings, applications
also use string recognizers and transducers.
This paper presents a proposal for an SMT-LIBization of strings and regular
expressions. It introduces a theory of sequences, generalizing strings,
and builds a theory of regular experssions on top of sequences.
The logic QF_BVRE is designed to capture a common substrate among
existing tools for string constraint solving.

Keyphrases: regular expressions, SMT, SMT-LIB, strings, theories

In: Pascal Fontaine and Amit Goel (editors). SMT 2012. 10th International Workshop on Satisfiability Modulo Theories, vol 20, pages 77--87

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