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Bounded Higher-order Unification using Regular Terms

22 pagesPublished: July 28, 2014


We present an algorithm for the bounded unification of higher-order terms.
The algorithm extends G. P. Huet's pre-unification algorithm with rules for the generation and folding of regular terms.
The concise form of the algorithm allows the reuse of the pre-unification correctness proof. Furthermore, the regular terms
can be restricted in order to decide the unifiability problem.
Finally, the algorithm avoids re-computation of terms in a non-deterministic search which leads to a better performance in practice when compared to other bounded
unification algorithms.

Keyphrases: Bounded unification, bounded unification algorithms, Exponent of periodicity, higher-order unification, regular terms

In: Santiago Escobar, Konstantin Korovin and Vladimir Rybakov (editors). UNIF 2012 Post-Worskhop Proceedings. The 26th International Workshop on Unification, vol 24, pages 28--49

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