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Parametric Exploration of Rewriting Logic Computations

15 pagesPublished: June 19, 2013


This paper presents a parameterized technique for the inspection of Rewriting Logic computations that allows the non-deterministic execution of a given rewrite theory to be followed up in different ways. Starting from a selected state in the computation tree, the exploration is driven by a user-defined, inspection criterion that specifies the exploration mode. By selecting different inspection criteria, one can automatically derive useful debugging facilities such as program steppers and more sophisticated dynamic trace slicers that facilitate the detection of control and data dependencies across the computation tree. Our methodology, which is implemented in the Anima graphical tool, allows users to capture the impact of a given criterion, validate input data, and detect improper program behaviors.

Keyphrases: Debugging, Maude, program animation, rewriting logic, Slicing, stepping

In: Laura Kovács and Temur Kutsia (editors). SCSS 2013. 5th International Symposium on Symbolic Computation in Software Science, vol 15, pages 4--18

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