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Social Media Spamming on the Class Room Electronic

7 pagesPublished: September 20, 2022


In the current state of the world, the issue of identifying spammers has received escalating attention due to its influence towards social network security. The popularity of social networking sites made them unsurprisingly easy target for most spammers due to the ease of information sharing they provide. While having important information shared easily is a good thing, the extra bits of harmful objects including viruses or malwares are not. Not to mention the irrelevant information found across almost everywhere in the social media shared by said spammers. Spamming does not only affect social media but could also affect most websites and e-mails. Thus, an extensive action is needed to detect and counter the act of spamming, and this study attempts to review them.

Keyphrases: harmful attachments in spam mails, Naive Bayes Classifier, social network spamming, Spammers

In: Tokuro Matsuo (editor). Proceedings of 11th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics, vol 81, pages 262--268

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