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Personal Development Model: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

9 pagesPublished: September 20, 2022


This paper's principal objective is to analyze and design an attainable model of action to comprehend a recognized mental issue: emotional well-being mindfulness and maintainable profitability improvement; the solutions of personal development in this study refers to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as a work to make a proactive methodology toward psychological well-being and its relationship with efficiency. Analysis and configuration in this study use Enterprise Design Thinking, to make the investigation and plan as persuasive and pragmatic as conceivable to the users. From the plan thinking measure, it is concluded that the convenience and reasonableness of the application are yet the fundamental inclinations, combining with the competitive advantage of engaging both instructors and customers to be more proactive in their approaches on emotional wellness and productivity.

Keyphrases: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Enterprise Design Thinking, Productivity

In: Tokuro Matsuo (editor). Proceedings of 11th International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics, vol 81, pages 439--447

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