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Assessing the Role of Digital Literacy on Creating Youth Employment Opportunities in the Textile Industry in South Africa

13 pagesPublished: June 16, 2024


Digital literacies are critical strategic organizational resources and skills that youth employees need to obtain to effectively function at their workplaces. Technology has spanned the globe and transformed how organizations operate, recruit employees, and communicate their needs. As a result, digital literacy skills remain a prerequisite to employment opportunities in today’s competitive job market. The study aims to evaluate the importance of digital literacy in creating youth employment opportunities in the textile industry and the paper is underpinned by a conceptual framework, employing the empowerment theory. However, complemented by thematic content analysis of qualitative research. The findings showed that youth face several challenges as they transit from school to employment due to lack of experience and digital resources hence, youth struggle to make this shift, and they remain unskilled, underemployed, and unemployed, as the textile industry requires well-prepared and skilled employees, equipped with contemporary digital skills, and creativity to remain competitive in the global market. Thus, digital literacy emerges as a catalyst for employability, favouring those with skills over the unskilled. A robust and significant relationship was established between youth digital literacy and success in the textile sector. This means that the increase in youth’s cognitive skills promoting critical thinking and creating information using digital technologies is positively related to the textile industry. Beyond the work environment, digital literacy also affects the way people live and communicate. this research contributes to the discourse on workforce readiness and industry sustainability by emphasizing the transformative role of digital literacy. The study underscores the urgency of integrating digital literacy into education and training systems to adequately prepare young individuals for the future of work.

Keyphrases: digital literacy, employment opportunities, Empowerment theory, Textile Industry, Youth

In: Hossana Twinomurinzi, Nkosikhona Msweli, Sibukele Gumbo, Tendani Mawela, Emmanuel Mtsweni, Peter Mkhize and Ernest Mnkandla (editors). Proceedings of the NEMISA Digital Skills Summit and Colloquium 2024, vol 6, pages 40--52

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