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Regulation-Oriented Filtering in Web-Based Air Traffic Exploration

12 pagesPublished: December 23, 2019


Airspace route planning relies on many regulations and individual factors that can be hard to understand for audiences without advanced domain knowledge. This aspect is problematic if regulations are discussed in complex debates about changing air traffic distributions, affecting the broad public in negative and positive ways. To increase accessibility and transparency, we propose a regulation-oriented scheme of trajectory filters that includes a fully automated detection component for regulation deviations. The scheme further includes filters by daytime, custom areas, MTOM, and is part of a client-independent web prototype. In this publication, we specify details on individual filters and their inter- play (1st contribution), while putting a particular emphasis on the deviation detector (2nd contribution).

Keyphrases: air traffic, citizen science, filtering, visual analytics

In: Christina Pöpper and Martin Strohmeier (editors). Proceedings of the 7th OpenSky Workshop 2019, vol 67, pages 144--155

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