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Hierarchical Combination of Unication Algorithms (Extended Abstract)

5 pagesPublished: July 29, 2013


A critical question in unification theory is how to obtain
a unification algorithm for the combination of non-disjoint
equational theories when there exists unification algorithms
for the constituent theories. The problem is known to be
difficult and can easily be seen to be undecidable in the
general case. Therefore, previous work has focused on
identifying specific conditions and methods in which the
problem is decidable.
We continue the investigation in this paper, building on
previous combination results and our own work.
We are able to develop a novel approach to the non-disjoint
combination problem. The approach is based on a new set of
restrictions and combination method such that if the restrictions
are satisfied the method produces an algorithm for the unification
problem in the union of non-disjoint equational theories.

Keyphrases: combination, equational theories, unification

In: Konstantin Korovin and Barbara Morawska (editors). UNIF 2013. 27th International Workshop on Unification, vol 19, pages 30--34

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