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Design and Structural Analysis Using FEM of Highway Composite Helical Wind Turbine

EasyChair Preprint no. 9982

10 pagesDate: April 20, 2023


Energy is a significant angle in our consistently life. The assets we use are restricted whereas the populace devouring the equivalent is expanding step by step. Nowadays the prerequisite of power is a lot higher than its age, thus the fundamental the target of our work is to create power in minimal expense with no impact on climate. The target of the work is to plan a Vertical breeze turbine to recover wind energy from vehicles on the parkway. A lot of wind energy is delivered because of the pressing factor contrast made by the moving vehicles on the roadways. This breeze energy can be used for the age of electrical energy with the assistance of vertical hub wind turbines. The point of the undertaking is plan the helical breeze turbine utilizing with two materials Al 6061,GFRP,CFRP materials with different thickness of the turbine blades 4mm and 6mm play out the static and Modal analysis investigation at last discover the stress, shear stress, total distortion in static examination and modal analysis at various frequencies at modal investigation Vertical pivot wind turbine can be introduced on the middle of the streets so the breeze from the two sides of the middle will act extraneously inverse way on the two sides of the turbine in this way speeding up following up on the turbine. The breeze power outfit through this strategy can be utilized for road lighting, traffic light lighting, cost doors and so forth.

Keyphrases: blades, Design, FEM(Finite Element Analysis), Materials are CFRP and GFRP and AL6061, vertical wind turbine

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