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Continus Finger Tracking System based on Inertial Sensor

EasyChair Preprint no. 5994

8 pagesDate: July 3, 2021


Finger tracking has become an appropriate approach to interact with smart wearable devices or virtual reality(VR). However, designing circuit system almost required in many system. In this article, we present a continuous finger tracking system, which does not need special equipment or design a special environment. We regard the acceleration sequence of 2.4 seconds before as the features of displacement between current 0.04 seconds. In order to avoiding accumulative errors, caused by double integration,we using long short-term memory(LSTM) models to calculate the displacement directly at the corresponding time. In particular, there is no necessary to know the initial speed in this way. Our system has a resolution of 0.38mm and an accuracy of 2.32mm per frame under 25HZ sampling rate. The system can draw the target track accurately.

Keyphrases: Finger Tracking, inertial sensor, LSTM

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