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Peculiarities in the Absorption of English Words into the Indonesian Language

EasyChair Preprint no. 1949

9 pagesDate: November 13, 2019


This study aims to find the uniqueness of English nouns uptake into Indonesian: basic words and nouns that contain a suffix based on Pedoman Umum Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia (2016) and the provisions of Pedoman Umum Pembentukan Istilah (2005). This research is a linguistic study with the object of research in the form of absorption words which are commonly used in Indonesian language communication process. This research used a descriptive approach, is oriented to the process of absorption and the result of its absorption can be found at KBBI. All uptake words originating from English became the object of this study. The method used is the listening technique followed by the note taking technique. This study obtained the following results: English word absorption procedures are generally carried out in four ways, namely (1) absorption by adjusting spelling and pronunciation, for example: hyphotesis (hipotesis), population (populasi); (2) absorption by adjusting spelling without adjustment of pronunciation, for example: science (sains), file (fail); (3) absorption without spelling adjustment with pronunciation adjustments, for example: nasal (nasal), program (program); and (4) absorption without adjustment of spelling and pronunciation, for example: internet (internet), golf (golf). The sound adjustment findings can be mentioned: ph bencomes f; y becomes i; ic becomes ik (physic, polytechnic); nique becomes nik (unique, technique); ac becomes ak (almanac, zodiac); logue becomes log (prologue, catalogue); ty becomes tas (quality, quantity), ti becomes si (international, educational), ex becomes eks (complex, experiment).  While the spelling suffix found adjustment as follows: tion becomes si (selection); ive becomes if (selective; al becomes al (editorial, experimental).

Keyphrases: absorption words, ending words, procedures, Root-words

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