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Automation of Root Volume Expansion on EC2 Instance - AWS Cloud

EasyChair Preprint no. 10560

6 pagesDate: July 14, 2023


As their fastened and rapid growth in the technological world, it is highly recommended to automate the functionalities by managing the risks and overcoming the issue of delay due to manual designing. There is higher growth, especially in the cloud domain, so there are many challenges for cloud architects, in which one of that is managing the root volume basing the demand or requirement. In such an outline, to overcome the manual increment of EBS volume in an EC2 instance, we came up with automation where the architecture is designed once and can be used till their requirement. The EC2 instance will be continuously monitored by the cloud watch agent and when the agent observes the change that meets the threshold passes it to the Python function which is running as a lambda function in the Amazon Web Services(AWS), with the support of Event Bridge. Now the lambda function is designed to carry forward the information to the step function that provides the error-handling function. Then the step function manages the Python codes that are running in the three lambda functions based on their priority. This brings out faster and more efficient results than done manually as the manual one might produce errors. Deploying this architecture in the industries would provide low latency and scope of automating the services as per the requirement much faster.

Keyphrases: Automation, AWS, Cloud, low latency

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