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Multiple-Factor Model of Hardness of Steel 40x13 After Laser Processing

EasyChair Preprint no. 3114

8 pagesDate: April 5, 2020


The multiple-factor experiment is planned and made, and the  hardness of the chromic steel 40Х13, which is subjected to laser processing on a multibeam laser complex, is determined. Samples in the form of a cylinder 7 mm long and with a diameter of 30 mm are exposed to laser processing. Hardness of the processed surface layer of samples was measured by means of the Micro-Combi Tester installation of CSM Instruments (Switzerland). The independent entrance factors of process, which significantly impact on operational indicators of the processed surface layer, are chosen: power of laser radiation, longitudinal feed of sample and a distance from protective glass of a laser head up to the processed surface. As a result of performance of the plan of a multiple-factor experiment and statistical data processing of a planning matrix the regression equations, which connect the optimization parameter with independent factors, having the interactive and dominating impact on formation of physic-mechanical characteristics of quality of the processed surface layer are received. On the basis of the received multiple-factor model and its graphic interpretation the appointment and optimization of modes of the laser processing, which provides the required numerical values of hardness of a surface layer, is possible.

Keyphrases: Graphic interpretation, Hardness, laser processing, Multiple-factor model, Processing mode, surface layer

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