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Managing Warehouse Inventory: a Simulation Based Case Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 1126

6 pagesDate: June 9, 2019


Simulation is the imitation of a real-world operation or process over time. Warehouse inventory management played an important role in improving customer service and reducing stock outs. Managing warehouse inventory is a challenging task and to address this challenge, we use simulation application in warehouse inventory management. The purpose of this paper is to use simulation in managing inventory of A Building Materials Trading Company in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Firstly, we will develop a model to improve average inventory level, average lost sales, and percentage of customer's dissatisfaction for the main component in the company which is cement. Secondly, we verify and validate our developed model using Arena simulation software. Finally, some recommendations regarding reorder point, batch size and target stock will be given to improve overall warehouse inventory management system.

Keyphrases: "Arena", "Inventory Level", "Inventory Management System", "Reorder Point", "Simulation", "Warehouse", Arena, Inventory level, Inventory Management System, Reorder point, simulation, Warehouse

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