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Prospects and Perils: Navigating the Future of Artificial Intelligence

EasyChair Preprint no. 12659

12 pagesDate: March 21, 2024


This abstract provides an overview of the prospects and perils inherent in navigating the future of artificial intelligence (AI). As AI technologies continue to advance at a rapid pace, they offer immense potential to revolutionize various aspects of human society, from healthcare and education to transportation and communication. However, alongside these promising prospects, there exist significant perils and challenges that must be addressed to ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI. Issues such as ethical considerations, privacy concerns, job displacement, and the potential for unintended consequences loom large on the horizon. This abstract aims to explore these dual aspects of AI's future, highlighting both the opportunities for progress and the imperative to navigate the associated risks prudently. By fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities involved, this study seeks to inform policymakers, industry leaders, and the general public about the importance of steering the trajectory of AI development towards a future that maximizes its benefits while mitigating its potential perils.

Keyphrases: Artificial, future, intelligence

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