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Efficient Parallel Simulations of Wireless Signal Wave Propagation

EasyChair Preprint no. 4126

7 pagesDate: September 1, 2020


A common pattern in high performance scientific computing is the structured grid pattern in which one or more elements of a matrix are computed as a stencil operation of other matrix neighbouring elements. Since there are multiple options to efficiently implement this pattern on modern computing architectures, we provide a comparison of the performance of a number of parallel implementations on a multi-core system with GPU capabilities. The application used for this case study implements the propagation of wireless signals in a bi-dimensional environment, considering reflections and signal attenuation. The parallel programming paradigms examined in this paper include CUDA , TBB, Rust and OpenMP, with CUDA proving to be the fastest implementation.

Keyphrases: CUDA, GP-GPU, numerical simulation, OpenMP, PDE, Rust, structured grid, TBB, wave propagation

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