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Examining Existing Land Use of TOD MRT Jakarta Sites

EasyChair Preprint no. 6022

5 pagesDate: July 5, 2021


Since the operation of MRT Jakarta, the government establish the plan to build TOD around several MRT Jakarta’s station. However, many so-called TODs have failed to deliver a transit oriented outcome. TOD become another buzzword in marketing campaign of property development nearby the station. To overcome this problem, we need to truly look inside the roots of the land use planning, which is the zoning regulations. This research aim to examine whether the current land use plan is comply with the ideal land use plan for TOD, which will be obtain by performing literature study/benchmarking from previously successful TOD projects. By employing spatial analysis with GIS software, this research carefully analyze the land use characteristics of selected TOD site. A comparison analysis is perform to comparing the existing land use plan versus the ideal land use plan and see how much the differences. The result found that the current zoning regulations of land use plan has failed in terms of diversity of land use, and also a relatively low BCR and FAR values.

Keyphrases: land use, Mass Rapid Transit, planning, Transit Oriented Development

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