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Design of Accounting Reporting Information Systems of Chicken Farms

EasyChair Preprint no. 1782

5 pagesDate: October 27, 2019


The development of farms in Indonesia based on 2018 Central Bureau of Statistics data always experiences an upward trend, of course this is inseparable from the increasing demand both at home and abroad. For financial data management, the farm”s business still uses systems such as using receipts and receipts from sales. Because the data processing is still using paper and handwriting media, so in preparing reports also often experience problems, both from the results of calculations per transaction and in terms of data writing. Without an automatic calculation process and the absence of data storage media, so that it will be more likely the frequent loss of data from these documents and errors in data processing. The Linda Laying Accounting Information System will greatly assist in processing information data faster, data from transactions can also be stored safely, so that the performance of companies or agencies becomes more efficient. 

Keyphrases: Accounting reports, Information Systems, Linda farms

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