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Modeling and Analysis of Vibrating Fixtures

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10 pagesDate: February 4, 2022


Vibration is one of the most common causes of avionic device failure. The aircraft’s avionic equipment must be able to resist high vibrations. Because it is not possible to place vibration equipment directly on the shaker table of a vibration machine, a mechanical structure known as a fixture is used to place the equipment and the machine. The proposed work’s main goal is to develop the overall performance of the vibrating fixture to study the vibration characteristics of that particular structure at static and dynamic loading conditions, as well as performing random vibration analysis on various types of fixtures made up of Aluminum 2024 andAZ31B magnesium alloy. In this scenario, the natural frequencies, strength, strain and deformation of the structure are calculated at static load and dynamic loading conditions. By determining all of these findings, the proper selection of material for vibrating fixture can be done for mechanical design analysis.

Keyphrases: Fixtures, frequency, vibration

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