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Covid-19: A Digital Transformation Approach to a Public Primary Healthcare Environment

EasyChair Preprint no. 3925

7 pagesDate: July 21, 2020


Digital transformation in e-health is a challenge problem reported from several studies from several dimensions. On the other hand, new technologies could represent a differential effort to improve scenarios such as public primary healthcare environments. In contrast, in the present war that the world is facing against the Covid-19 it is not common to see references about the use of these existing technologies. In this paper, we present a proposal effort that can be understood as a digital transformation approach to a public primary healthcare environment. The proposal environment adopts the use of smart bands by groups of different type of voluntaries, from where digital data is gather, a recommendation system is employed, and also an environment simulator software helps to illustrate predictable scenarios. Initial results from the proposal indicates a differentiated approach to tackle large challenges, similar to these created by the actual Covid-19 pandemic scenario. In addition, our experiments illustrate that the adoption of these computational technologies require changes on the present behaviour, from governments and people, to be successful approaches to individual protection inside public primary healthcare environments.

Keyphrases: Big Data, COVID-19, Digital Transformation, e-health, IoT, Recommendation Systems

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