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Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Customer Loyalty Towards Online Fashion Stores in India

EasyChair Preprint no. 9507

33 pagesDate: January 3, 2023


Customer loyalty towards a brand or a product has been measured. Historically customers have been loyal to the shops or the shopkeepers of the localities where they live. Buying goods from specific shops or shopkeepers based upon personal relationships has been a part of the cultural mellowing of many societies across the world. The disruption caused by the online stores to this cultural mellow have been considerable so far. However, the social norms don't fade away in the event of technological disruptions. It only transforms subject to the availability of new space and emerging situations. Online web stores have also created a brand personality to engage with their customers emotionally. In this research paper, the brand personalities of these online fashion stores have been measured using the established scales to measure the emotional intelligence of the online fashion customers and the brand personalities of the online fashion stores.

The paper establishes a relationship between EI and BP through various factors which bypasses the limitations of geographical presence and interpersonal relationship of the shopkeepers.

Keyphrases: Brand Loyalty, brand personality, customer loyalty, Emotional Intelligence, Online Fashion Stores

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