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Inspection, Packaging and Packing Machine Development Based PLC

EasyChair Preprint no. 2960

5 pagesDate: March 14, 2020


this paper presents an automated controlling system based programmable logic controller (PLC) that consists of two different transporting conveyors; vertical and horizontal. The samples were placed on the horizontal conveyor for transportation from loaded point to packaging point. After the DC motor that drives the horizontal conveyor is energized, the samples move along the conveyor before they reach an inspection sensor that separates the two types of products and drop the chosen sample inside a filling box. When the box is filled with the right amount of samples, the vertical conveyor picks and places these boxes inside vertical shelves. This process is controlled using a Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) Mitsubishi FX2n-32MT. The experimental results of the prototype were able to fully automate the system and improve the time of inspection and packing. The results show that the machine was done to inspect, package and pack 24 boxes (96 samples) in one hour. In addition, the results obtained show that the system able to decreases product time, and increase product rate as compared with traditional manual system

Keyphrases: Conveyor Belt, inductive sensor, Inspection, Mitsubishi FX2n-32MT, Packaging, Photo Sensor, PLC

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