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Modelling of oedometer tests on pellet-powder bentonite mixtures to support mock-up test analysis

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6 pagesDate: September 23, 2020


Bentonite mixtures have been recently proposed as a perfect candidate material for sealing deep geological disposals of high-level radioactive waste. In this paper, odometer test has been carried out on a mixture of MX80 bentonite (80% of pellets and 20% of bentonite powder). These mixtures are characterized by a multi-modal pore size distribution, which significantly evolves during the mechanical paths considered in the oedometer tests. The experimental test has been modelled using the finite element Code_Bright the constitutive model used to represent the mechanical response of the mixture is the Barcelona expansive model. A sensitivity analysis is performed to investigate the   effect of the elastic stiffness parameter at micro level for changes in mean effective stress (kmicro) on the global mechanical response of the mixture. Modelling results shows that total porosity decreases inducing the increase of the degree of saturation and the decrease of suction

Keyphrases: Barcelona expansive model, Deep geological disposals, Finite element Code_Bright, Odometer test

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