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Losers distribution, with applications to financial inclusion

EasyChair Preprint no. 1855

31 pagesDate: November 5, 2019


In this paper I develop the new ``Losers Distribution'' and use it to build a financial instrument which partially solves the problem of financial exclusion. I design compensated lotteries that can mobilize and circulate the savings of people who do not participate in formal financial markets. The lottery which I propose entirely avoids problems of information assymetry, default risk, and ethnic and gender discrimination in lending. I use the losers distribution to set lottery ticket prices so that only the financially excluded participate and to calculate the subsidy needed to sustain the lottery. I show that the lottery subsidy rate is low when compared to the subsidies of typical microfinance programs about the world.

Keyphrases: compensated lottery, compensated lottery game, default risk, fair lottery, Financial Exclusion, financial instrument, Financial Market Failure, formal financial market, formal market, income distribution, inequality, loser distribution, lotteries, lottery club, Lottery Game, lottery ticket price, multinomial coefficient, Pascal triangle, Poverty, probability mass function, proper partition, sample space

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