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Emotional Intelligence and Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation Among Business Graduates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

EasyChair Preprint no. 4900

15 pagesDate: January 15, 2021


 The university phase is reflected an ideal entrepreneurial period, especially for business program students, who pay more attention to entrepreneurship and innovation education. Encouraging the students in cultivation of the emotional intelligence will benefit in improving personal entrepreneurial self-efficacy. This research emphasizes that improving the emotional intelligence of Business Program students can enhance their sense of self-efficacy in entrepreneurship and help students with entrepreneurship and career development. From the previous literatures related to emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship attitude, the objectives of the study were developed explore the relationship between Emotional Intelligence among the business students and their Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation. The research is descriptive. The structured questionnaire was designed to collect data. The population of the study includes the students pursuing the Bachelors degree in Business program in UAE. The researcher hence considered the size of the population to be infinite. The researcher has distributed around 500 structured questionnaires and received back 387 questionnaires. Two stage randomized sampling method was adopted. The statistical tools like Mean, Standard Deviation, and correlation have been used to extract the research. The entrepreneurial awareness among the business students of UAE is found to be below the expected level. The students from the institutions belonging to high entrepreneurial climate group are aware of the entrepreneurial ventures and have a favourable attitude towards entrepreneurial ventures. Attitudinal orientation has a significant impact in identifying and promoting students as entrepreneurs in future. The students with high achievement and commitment are more likely to take up entrepreneurial activity and fostering entrepreneurship is possible through change in curriculum.

Keyphrases: Business Graduates, Emotional Intelligence, Entrepreneurial Attitude Orientation

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