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IOT-Based Smart Shopping Cart Using RFID

EasyChair Preprint no. 12499

6 pagesDate: March 15, 2024


This project’s objective is to provide an overview of a project that improves the shopping experience for regular people, particularly for those who dislike standing in lines and wish to leave on their own. The main benefit of this is that it prevents the spread of infectious diseases at periods when people are unable to connect with one another. This project helps clients save valuable time. This initiative assists clients in choosing their products in accordance with their budgets. The smart shopping cart is a creative solution created to improve the shopping experience. It uses RFID, Arduino Uno, and Arduino Nano. The inclusion of RFID technology enables the cart to recognize the items placed in it automatically, facilitating effective inventory management and tracking. The Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano function as the system’s brain, managing the RFID reader and analysis the information gathered. Customers may easily make informed purchases because to the system’s ability to display product details and prices on an LCD screen with ease. This project is affordable and easily accessible to retailers who are unable to make larger financial investments in improving the shopping experience.

Keyphrases: Arduino Nano, Arduino Uno, Inventory Management, RFID, shopping cart

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