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Exploring Filipino Senior High School Teachers' TPACK in Emergency Remote Teaching

EasyChair Preprint no. 5164

6 pagesDate: March 16, 2021


The study measured the perceived level of TPACK among 45 Filipino senior high school teachers and identified the challenges related to emergency remote teaching. The results of descriptive survey indicated that teachers rated themselves highly in CK (M=4.38, SD=.62), PK (M=4.12, SD=.65), PCK (M=4.16, SD=.73), TCK (M=4.11, SD=.74). Average ratings were indicated for TK (SD=3.75, SD=.85), and TPACK (M=3.88, SD=.78). Qualitative descriptions of contraints and adjustment due to ERT were also described in relation to the different forms of TPACK. The study concludes that teachers need more help in learning how to harmonize content, pedagogy, and technology – rather than just learning what and how to use technology tools.

Keyphrases: available technological tool, distance learning, dlsu research, Emergency Remote Teaching, online class, online learning, online teaching, senior high school teacher, teacher knowledge, teaching and learning, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, technological tool, technology integration, TPACK

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