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A Review Paper on CFG to PDA Converter

EasyChair Preprint no. 7675

4 pagesDate: March 29, 2022


Grammar Induction (Language studying) is the technique of getting to know grammar by training data of the good and poor strings of the language. The ability that of a CFG and a Pushdown Automata are equal. A CFG generates context-free language, and a Pushdown Automata finds out context-free language. A context-free grammar is formed using four parts: variables, terminals, a start variable, and rules. Each rule should have one single variable on the "left aspect," and on the "right aspect,". A PDA is a machine infinite-state within which things can be pushed or popped off of an infinitely tall stack on every transition. This paper describes the way to convert a Context Free Grammar into a Pushdown Automata that finds out the CFG's language. With Greibach Normal Form inputs, a context-free grammar to pushdown automaton converter is available. PDA are shown to provide CF language class. A finite automaton recognizes each and every regular language.

Keyphrases: context-free grammar, conversion., finite automata, pushdown automata

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