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Automated Wheelchair for Physically Challenged with AIoT Modules

EasyChair Preprint no. 6898

12 pagesDate: October 20, 2021


In this chapter, there is a discussion of the potential Smart Wheel Chair and its modules and the ways in which it incorporates the microcontroller device that enables widespread electric wheelchair manipulation through the head motion. The device accommodates digital and mechanical components. The Automated Wheel Chair (AWC) is designed to resource and assist paraplegics. The designed chair may be very well on hand to humans with a higher degree of impairment, which includes quadriplegics. Quadriplegics refers to men and women that, because of age or contamination, cannot move any of the organs of the body besides the head. A novel head motion popularity technique based totally on the accelerometer records processing unit is designed. This paper also entails the knowledge of Bluetooth being mounted on the wheel chair, alongside the accelerometer powering the motors and controlling the actions of the chair inside the domestic locus. Our wheelchair not only specializes in the mobility of the tool however also on health factors of the affected person. The approach is based totally on the Internet of Things through which the heartbeat rate and blood oxygen levels are detected with the aid of sensors. The ultrasonic sensors assist with the impediment detection, to ease the motion of the chair in the precise course. Other goals of this chapter also elucidates the utilization of the Smart Wheel Chair (SWC) to prevent disables from severe pandemic such as COVID-19 or accommodate them with their treatment of any pandemic-causing disease. The goal of the existing work is to broaden an automatic sensing wheelchair by means of imposing sensors inside its structures. Such capabilities in chairs enhance a challenged individual’s independence, and at the same time underneath normal monitoring by way of their cherished ones.

Keyphrases: Alexa, Internet of Things, PIR, Thermometer, Ultrasonic sensor.

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