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Analysis of Factors Impacting on Cost Overrun of Residential & Commercial Building by Quantitative Method

EasyChair Preprint no. 11853

4 pagesDate: January 23, 2024


The most crucial factors for the effective completion of building projects are cost, schedule, and quality. The thesis includes cost-cutting strategies for building construction based on these factors, which is crucial, particularly for poor nations like Ethiopia. We must take into account several cost factors in order to complete the aforementioned task items. The majority of these costs are covered by material costs. Therefore, minimizing the cost of these materials could lead to the construction of buildings at a reasonable cost by adopting the right construction procedures. In this thesis, relevant cost-reduction strategies for building construction are discussed, such as reducing the amount of cement used in concrete manufacturing, employing a contemporary formwork method that can do away with plastering, and welding reinforcing instead of overlaying it. The study was carried out by employing grade one contractors and consultants as major data sources for construction projects. The projects involve the construction of many types of structures, including multifunctional, hotel, commercial, office, and apartment complexes. In order to gather pertinent information that aids in achieving the goals of this research, a questionnaire was employed in the projects. According to the survey, a laboratory test (compressive strength test) was conducted for concrete of normal strength by decreasing the cement content as required by the specification. The results of the study showed that by using the aforementioned cost-reduction strategies, construction costs can be decreased without sacrificing quality.

Keyphrases: cost efficiency, cost performance, cost reduction

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