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Specific Heat of Nanofluids - An Experimental Investigation

EasyChair Preprint no. 3892

4 pagesDate: July 16, 2020


This paper presents an experimental investigation of the specific heat of nanofluids. While a lot of research has been done on nanofluids, it is still inconclusive and there is no agreement on the findings between various research groups. Also, most of the research has been done in areas of improvement of thermal conductivity but not of specific heat which is equally important since it influences the heat carrying capacity of a system. In the present work the specific heat of different nanoparticles – Silver, SWCNT, Zinc Oxide, Aluminium Oxide have been investigated experimentally at different temperatures and particle sizes. Deficiencies of existing models is brought out and a new correlation is presented.

Keyphrases: heat transfer, Nanofluid, Nanoparticles, Particle size distribution, Temperature

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