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Patient Satisfaction and Clinical Success Rates in Alveolar Ridge Preservation Procedures

EasyChair Preprint no. 12676

8 pagesDate: March 21, 2024


Alveolar ridge preservation (ARP) procedures play a pivotal role in maintaining bone volume and architecture following tooth extraction, thereby facilitating optimal conditions for future dental implant placement. This study aims to evaluate both patient satisfaction and clinical success rates associated with various alveolar ridge preservation techniques.

A comprehensive review of the literature was conducted to identify studies assessing patient-reported outcomes and clinical success rates following alveolar ridge preservation procedures. Key parameters such as patient satisfaction, implant success rates, bone regeneration, and complication rates were analyzed.

The findings reveal that patients undergoing alveolar ridge preservation procedures consistently reported high levels of satisfaction with their treatment outcomes. Factors contributing to patient satisfaction included preservation of esthetics, minimized postoperative discomfort, and improved function. Moreover, clinical success rates, as indicated by implant survival and osseointegration, were consistently high across different ARP techniques.

Various alveolar ridge preservation techniques, including socket preservation with bone grafts, guided bone regeneration, and use of growth factors, demonstrated favorable outcomes in terms of both patient satisfaction and clinical success rates. Additionally, advancements in biomaterials and surgical techniques have further enhanced the predictability and efficacy of ARP procedures.

Challenges such as potential complications and variability in treatment outcomes were also discussed, emphasizing the importance of patient selection and meticulous surgical technique. Overall, the findings underscore the significance of alveolar ridge preservation in achieving optimal patient outcomes and long-term success in implant dentistry.

Keyphrases: Clinical Success Rates, Dental implants, patient satisfaction

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