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Complications and Risk Factors in Minimally Invasive Extraction Procedures

EasyChair Preprint no. 12669

9 pagesDate: March 21, 2024


Minimally invasive extraction procedures have revolutionized contemporary dental practice, offering patients a less traumatic and more comfortable experience compared to traditional techniques. However, despite their benefits, these procedures entail inherent risks and potential complications that necessitate careful consideration by clinicians. Complications may arise from various sources, including anatomical complexities such as root morphology and proximity to vital structures, as well as procedural factors like inadequate access or instrumentation. Common adverse events include root fractures, retained root tips, damage to adjacent teeth or soft tissues, and inadvertent injury to nerves or blood vessels. Moreover, systemic conditions such as osteoporosis or coagulopathies can exacerbate the risk of complications, emphasizing the importance of comprehensive patient assessment prior to the procedure.

Understanding the risk factors associated with minimally invasive extraction procedures is paramount for clinicians to mitigate potential complications and optimize patient outcomes. Factors such as patient age, medical history, anatomical considerations, and operator experience significantly influence the likelihood of adverse events. Thorough preoperative assessment, encompassing detailed radiographic evaluation and comprehensive medical history review, enables clinicians to identify and address potential risk factors proactively. By adopting a systematic approach to patient assessment and procedural planning, coupled with meticulous technique and continuous professional development, clinicians can minimize the occurrence of complications and ensure the safe and successful execution of minimally invasive extraction procedures, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes.

Keyphrases: Dental, Minimally invasive extraction, Xenografts

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