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Gizmos and Language: a Top-down Role-Playing Game for Basics of Programming Using Unity

EasyChair Preprint no. 10906

7 pagesDate: September 15, 2023


This study presents the initial evaluation of Gizmos and Language, a 2D role-playing game, in teaching programming principles using block-based programming. The game employs a top-down perspective, a 2D graphics view that can be seen from either a side-scrolling or top-down angle. Block-based programming is a graphical language that uses graphical blocks to represent code, making it intuitive for learning programming concepts and facilitating the transition to text-based languages. The Agile methodology was utilized in the game's development, allowing for flexible and iterative development. The study targeted 112 first-year students enrolled in the College of Computer Studies department at Gordon College. The Game Experience Model (GEM) was adapted and employed to assess the game experience in terms of immersion, usability, visuals, performance, and novelty. Surveys and gameplay were used as research instruments, aligning with GEM. Descriptive statistics were employed as the research design to evaluate the data collection outcome. Based on the results of the GEM analysis from the 112 first-year students, the game provided a visually appealing environment that helped them become more familiar with programming concepts. Future testing with external participants may validate the game's effectiveness in various settings. However, the study recommends that games should not be the sole mode of instruction but can be valuable supplementary tools for teaching programming.

Keyphrases: 2D Top-Down, Block Coding, Code Blocks, digital games, game development, RPG

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