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An Analysis of Growth of MSME’s in India and Their Contribution in Employment and GDP of the Country.

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8 pagesDate: August 30, 2020


If we see the Indian Economy, MSME’s (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise’s) have been one of important driving factor over the years. MSME’s provide many employment opportunities and also play a vital role in industrialization in rural areas which on the other hand also reduces the unequal income distribution among the residents. How MSME’s contribute in the development of Indian Economy? There are various factors such as Export Production, Domestic Production, Low Investment Requirements, Operational Flexibility, Technology Oriented Enterprises, etc. They also act as complimentary to the large industries which are operating in the economy and contribute significantly in the overall development of the country. On an account MSME’s has almost 36 million units that provide employment to nearly 80 million individuals. Product wise it produces 6000 products which contributes nearly 8% to the GDP of the country. It has 45% portion of total manufacturing output and 40% of the total exports of the country. So this paper is an attempt to study and understand the role of MSME’s in providing employment opportunities and push towards the inclusive development of the country. Also various problems and challenges faced by the MSME’s are also discussed in this paper. Data for the study has been collected and picked from various secondary sources such as magazines, various reports, newspapers and few government websites.

Keyphrases: Employment, GDP, Inclusive Growth, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

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