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Management Research During World War II

EasyChair Preprint no. 7992

5 pagesDate: May 21, 2022


World War 2 initiated several well-definable changes in the life and thinking of managers and the developments of management theory of the era. The modernisation of Taylorism, the beginnings of motivation studies, the dissemination of systems thinking, the origins of strategic management, and the “leadership revolution” are five of those effects that have reshaped the management landscape since then. Together with the social and societal changes that have taken place there and then, the effects of the 2nd World War on the United States and Europe helped the widening of democracy in social, political, and economic terms as well as opened ways for the coming of participative and democratic management styles

World War II brought great trials to humanity. However, because of the problems that had to be solved tactfully, indirectly, the war also brought beneficial things that we all use today, and here I am referring to specific concepts and management procedures...

Management concepts and procedures used today by large successful corporations, government organisations, administrative apparatus and private companies.

We know already that POLC is one of the short-theory of management systems but when we think about management more deeply we can consider also some specifically human activity -meant to lead and organise; to cooperate, coordinate and to direct the human and material forces at hand in the interior of a particular system for touching some given strategic objectives.In the armed forces field, this super complex activities require knowledge and availability to develop, create, and ready for research.

Because leadership is the most crucial component of the combat field, we must admit that we can touch the objectives only with the excellent manager.

Keyphrases: Hard Times with Good Management, management, Tactical Management Approaching

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