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Hydrological Analysis of Rainfall Data for Drought Investigation in Alaqiq City

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6 pagesDate: June 17, 2020


Rainfall is a prime input for various engineering design such as hydraulic structures, bridges and culverts, canals, storm water sewer and road drainage system. The detailed analysis of each region is essential to estimate the relevant input value for design and analysis of engineering structures and for crop planning. A rainfall data record from Ministry of Water collected for Alaqiq city for hydrological analysis where agriculture is the prime occupation. The daily rainfall data for a period of 42 years used to understand normal rainfall, deficit rainfall, Excess rainfall and Seasonal rainfall of the Alaqiq city. From the daily record, annual, monthly, and seasonal rainfall were calculated. Extensive hydrological analysis had done comprising the maximum values of rainfall with the average one.  Index of Wetness (I.W.) and Rain Deficiency (R.D.) calculated to check the rainfall variability. From the calculated results the amount of rainfall is decreasing below the average value and the number of arid years increasing (more than 65% of records are arid years). The hydrological parameters (I.W. & R.D.) for annual, monthly and seasonally show that the rainfall in Alaqiq city is decreasing and the climate is changing to be drought (arid).

Keyphrases: Alaqiq, Drought, Index of Wetness

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