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Multi-Disciplinary Risk Review Method to Ensure Readiness of Offshore Installation Operations

EasyChair Preprint no. 467

4 pagesDate: August 30, 2018


Subsea Oil & Gas Projects often experience costly learning curves at the start of offshore campaigns to debug installation operations. As a mitigation, a simple and efficient risk assessment methodology has been developed, inspired from System Engineering principles, that brings rigor during the installation engineering phase and maximizes the chances to “Do It RIght the First Time!” during the offshore campaign. This method, named DRIFT (Define components, assess Requirements, Investigate Issues, Fix them and Transmit the results) has been applied recently on MOHO NORD Project by Technip FMC, with its client, Total EP Congo, for the preparation of a critical marine operation and did contribute to successful operations with no incident. It is particularly useful for subsea project with critical offshore operations and the ambition of anticipating issues rather than debugging them offshore. MOHO NORD is an oil and gas field located in Republic of Congo developed and operated by Total EP Congo with its partners Chevron and SNPC.

Keyphrases: multi-disciplinary, Offshore installation, risk assessment

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