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Tabletop and Portable SPO2 Sensor to Diagnostic Cov19 Effect by Mobile Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 6814

12 pagesDate: October 9, 2021


Iraq's health infrastructure is under strain as the daily COVID-19 case count has surpassed the prior year's high. We urged individuals with minor symptoms to follow their doctor's recommendations for home care, as hospitals are already overcrowded and unable to accommodate additional patients owing to a scarcity of beds. In this situation, and moving forward from here, we must establish a notion of health care and the proper identification of damage cases. The combination of various health sensors, mobile devices, and the Internet has the potential to significantly improve Iraq's health realities. Monitor Your Health Using a Wearable Device. We provide a strong portable heart rate monitor and SpO2 blood oxygen monitoring device. The system is interactive with the user and maintains a basic structure. The application is tiny, and the gadgets are simple to use without the requirement for medical professionals. We base our system on the MAX30102 sensor, which can produce very accurate data that can be stored in the cloud and analyzed afterwards. Anyone using this gadget may move about while monitoring their heart's vital signs and blood oxygen levels. This article discusses real application scenarios in which we employ this sort of technology primarily when the end user has size and mobility constraints. Implementation of a user-friendly interface and interaction on a mobile application for simultaneous usage by many users, as well as an (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) display for real-time sensor data with outstanding data accuracy.

Keyphrases: Blynk., esp8266 with NodeMcu, Iot medical care, MAX30102, monitoring, wearable sensor

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