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Week-Long Multimodal Data Acquisition of Occupational Risk Factors in Public Administration Workers

EasyChair Preprint no. 10137

8 pagesDate: May 12, 2023


Work-related disorders are a growing issue for office workers and represent a significant burden to public health. Work aspects such as sitting for prolonged periods and occupational stress are modifiable risk factors highly associated with occupational disorders in office workers. The PrevOccupAI Project (Prevention of Occupational Disorders in Public Administrations based on Artificial Intelligence) objectively investigates relationships between a variety of occupational risk factors and physiological outcomes. For this purpose, a data acquisition protocol was carried out at the Portuguese Tributary and Customs Agency. Physiological, movement and environmental signals from office workers were acquired during five consecutive workdays using a smartphone, a smartwatch, and two electromyography sensors. Additionally, demographic, occupational, and pain information were collected through questionnaires. The present manuscript provides a detailed description of the PrevOccupAI acquisition protocol. The collected data is used to gather knowledge regarding modifiable factors at the individual and organisational levels.

Keyphrases: Biosignals, data acquisition, intelligent offices, multimodal risk evaluation, Occupational Health

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