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Update from a Multi-Year Data Mining Effort on Drove: Database Records for off-Road Vehicle Environments

EasyChair Preprint no. 1400

11 pagesDate: August 13, 2019


This paper presents an update from a multi-year research program to create and expand the Database Records for Off-road Vehicle Environments (DROVE), one of the most comprehensive physical testing databases for off-road vehicles in existence. DROVE was created and has been expanded by a multi-year data mining effort through published and unpublished data assembled from several technical reports for laboratory and field tests spanning decades of testing with wheeled and tracked vehicles on different soil types. The first edition of the database (DROVE 1.0) includes over eight thousand records from the existing archives of laboratory and field tests of wheels operating on loose sand and high plasticity clay. DROVE 1.0 includes results from tests performed by wheels of different diameters, widths, heights, and inflation pressures, operating under varying loading conditions. This most recent release of the database (DROVE 2.0) adds 294 test results from powered and unpowered tracks on fine-grained soils. The DROVE structure is assembled to include various traction performance parameters such as drawbar pull, torque, traction, motion resistance, sinkage, and wheel slip. DROVE provides the mobility community with a resource to evaluate existing soil mobility algorithms and also, to develop improved algorithms to assess performance of various wheel designs. The authors compared DROVE to the algorithms currently defined in the Vehicle Terrain Interface (VTI) for mobility modeling of wheeled vehicles. Comparison of the predicted versus measured performance parameters are presented for different soil types. This study provides insight into what published data exists, what are the bounds on the data, and how the data match-es algorithms predicting forces between wheel and/or track and the soil such as VTI.

Keyphrases: Data Mining, Database Records for Off-road Vehicle Environments (DROVE), drawbar pull, motion resistance, Off-Road Mobility, sinkage, tracks, wheels

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