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Exploring Strength of Straight and Bent GFRP Bars: Refinements to CSA S807:19 Annex E

EasyChair Preprint no. 10569

10 pagesDate: July 15, 2023


This study explores technological advancements enabling the utilization of GFRP bars in concrete structures, particularly in coastal areas. However, their application is hindered by the limited availability and reduced performance of curved GFRP bars. The bent strength of GFRP bars is crucial for quality assurance, yet existing testing methods stated in ASTM D7914M-21 and ACI 440.3R-15 have limitations when applied to different GFRP bent shapes. Furthermore, those methods require special precautions to ensure symmetry and avoid eccentricities in specimens. To address these challenges, CSA S807:19 introduced a simpler standardized testing procedure that involves embedding an L-shaped GFRP stirrup in a concrete block. However, the large block size specified in CSA S807:19 Annex E may present difficulties for on-site quality control. Hence, this study aims to thoroughly investigate the user-friendliness and efficiency enhancements to method proposed by CSA S807:19 Annex E, including reducing the block size and eliminating block confinement provided by the steel stirrups. This study explores refinements to CSA S807:19 Annex E by reducing the width of the block, which will result in a significant reduction in the net weight of the concrete block. Particularly for bars less than 16mm in diameter, smaller blocks are recommended. Furthermore, strain gauges are employed in this study with a focus on assessing their impact on debonding and test results. The study suggests incorporating additional tail length to mitigate the debonding effects. By exploring these modifications, the study seeks to enhance the effectiveness of the testing procedure and expand its practical application for on-site quality assurance. The findings hold implications for the reliable testing of GFRP bars' strength, advancing their use as reinforcement in concrete structures.

Keyphrases: Bend strength, Durability, FRP, GFRP, Glass fiber, quality assurance

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