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Road Map to India’s Own Cloud Service Providers

EasyChair Preprint no. 10426

5 pagesDate: June 21, 2023


India's pursuit of digital sovereignty and the need for secure and locally governed cloud services have given rise to the development and implementation of India's own cloud service offerings. This abstract examines the emergence of India's indigenous cloud services and highlights their significance in promoting data localization, fostering innovation, and strengthening national cybersecurity. In recent years, India has witnessed exponential growth in internet adoption, data generation, and digital transformation across various sectors. Recognizing the importance of data protection and control, the Indian government has encouraged the development of domestic cloud services to ensure that sensitive data remains within the country's borders. This abstract delves into the motivations behind the establishment of India's own cloud services. It explores how these services promote data localization, enabling businesses and government entities to store and process data within India, thereby bolstering data security and privacy. Additionally, it discusses the role of domestic cloud services in complying with local regulations, addressing concerns related to cross-border data transfers, and fostering trust among Indian businesses and consumers. In conclusion, this abstract highlights the emergence of India's own cloud services as a pivotal step towards achieving digital sovereignty and fostering domestic innovation. By promoting data localization, encouraging entrepreneurship, and bolstering cybersecurity, these services contribute to India's vision of becoming a digitally empowered nation. However, it also emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach, where collaborations and partnerships with global cloud providers can complement and augment the capabilities of India's indigenous cloud services, ensuring a robust and competitive cloud ecosystem in the country.

Keyphrases: Cloud, computing, Cybersecurity

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