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Power Generation Prediction of a New Tower Type Thermal/Photovoltaic(T/PV) Power Generation System Based on Spectral Beam Splitting

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10 pagesDate: June 30, 2023


At present, photovoltaic power generation can only utilize a portion of the solar band, and the remaining bands entering the battery will not be used for power generation, but will instead increase the temperature of the battery, leading to a decrease in photoelectric conversion efficiency. Therefore, using frequency division to utilize some photons that do not respond to the battery for thermal utilization can effectively improve the energy conversion efficiency of solar energy. In this article, the author proposes a tower-type thermal/photovoltaic (T/PV) power generation system using spectral beam splitting technology. The spectroscopic glass is formed by plating a layer of spectral selective film on the surface of special glass, and then install the spectroscopic glass as a cover plate on the photovoltaic cell to replace the heliostat in the tower thermal power generation,so that specific wavebands enter the photovoltaic cell through the spectroscopic glass for photovoltaic power generation, and other wavebands are reflected onto the collector for thermal power generation. The mirror field arrangement was designed using the MUUEN algorithm, and the proposed system was analyzed optically and thermodynamically at the AM1.5D solar spectrum as the incident irradiance flux density. Solar radiation data for a typical meteorological year were used to forecast and compare the full-year power generation of photovoltaic power, solar thermal power and this system. The results show that the combined power production of the tower-type T/PV power generation system based on spectral beam splitting is higher than the other two systems under theselected climatic conditions.

Keyphrases: beam splitting technology, power generation system, solar energy, solar tower, Thermodynamic analysis

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