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Connection of a Passive Filter in Parallel for Harmonic Compensation in a Grid-Connected PV System

EasyChair Preprint no. 5411

5 pagesDate: April 28, 2021


The quality of electrical energy concerns all the actors of the energy field and represents a subject of great interest since the electrical disturbances have a high cost for the industrialists because they generate a fall of the quality of the production, a premature ageing of the equipment, etc. In this research work, we are confronted with a major problem that affects the quality of electric power, namely the harmonic pollution within an electric network, which is due to the heavy use of power electronic devices. These devices exhibit non-linear behavior. At the same time, the distributed energy resource systems, can impose some harmonics in the network. With the presence of harmonic currents an increasing variation of the maximum current, so the value of the effective current and therefore an increase in the rate of harmonic distortion which led to the deformation of the sinusoid of the fundamental. For this, one of the solutions that we can propose to reduce this harmonic pollution is to mount a passive filtering in series the system. This filtering has a low cost and can be efficiently adapted to the connection to a high power electrical network. A simulation of a grid-connected PV system under Matlab/Simulink with and without filtering was performed to analyze the power quality related to PV systems and show the interest of adding passive series filtering. The simulation results performed under Matlab Simulink software showed the effectiveness of adding the passive series filtering system at the output of the inverter in order to attenuate the harmonics.

Keyphrases: Distributed Energy Resources, harmonic, passive filter, Photovoltaic, Power Quality

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